Complaints policy

Our practice is dedicated to giving our patients the best care possible while also paying attention to their needs. We consider each and every feedback you leave, and we make use of the information to further enhance our offerings.

Whatever you choose to say, we value your thoughts and feedback.

If you want to complain

If you are dissatisfied with our services or facilities, please let us know as soon as possible. Then, we will look into the circumstance so that we can act as needed and take appropriate action. When you inform us as soon as a problem arises, it can frequently be resolved immediately. The directors or another employee will be pleased to assist.

If you’re not entirely satisfied, you can write your concerns and contact us.

We take all feedback and complaints seriously.

We always:

  • deal with complaints in strictest confidence
  • investigate in an unbiased manner
  • pass any compliments to the individuals involved
  • provide a thorough explanation

Write to us

The directors and registered manager are responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation and in the greatest position to immediately and thoroughly investigate any issue. Send us an email at to file a complaint.

Getting back to you

The complaint will be acknowledged within 48 hours of being received. Following that, we will respond fully as soon as we are able, usually within 20 working days. After 20 days, if the investigation is still ongoing, we will write to explain the holdup. We will offer you regular updates on the cases, even if they take longer to complete due to their complexity. We might recommend meeting with you to go over your problems and make an effort to fix them.