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Contraception is required for pregnancy prevention and to stop the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Contraception knowledge is useful when practicing safe sex. It is important to find out the most suitable form of contraceptive medication for you as they will all prevent pregnancy, but only some will offer protection against STI’s.

Their are various forms of contraception and you can speak to our clinicians to help you decide which is the best form for you.

We do prescribe the combined pill, the progesterone only contraceptive pill, the weekly contraceptive patch and the emergency hormonal contraception. Contraceptive pill consultations are provided through the services we offer. Oral contraceptive pills are a very popular choice. You do require a recent blood pressure, height or weight (preferable taken in the last month) and then we can prescribe the required contraception for you.

If you require the pill online (emergency contraception/morning after pill), please complete general medical consultation form.


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