Cold and Flu

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Cold and Flu Symptoms and Treatment: Most of us would have suffered from common cold symptoms at some point in our lives. Symptoms generally includes blocked nose, cough, sore throat and a cold. Sore cold medicine treatment is normally is rest, paracetamol and to drink plenty of water. The best cold medications that can relieve symptoms quickly include over the counter liquids that have paracetamol with a decongestant e.g. guaifenesin.

Flu is a contagious viral infection of respiratory tract, caused by influenza viruses that infect the throat, nose and sometimes the lungs. Symptoms do come on quickly and can also result in fever and headaches. Symptoms tend to subside on there own, but it can make some people seriously ill. It’s important to get the flu vaccine if you are advised to. The UK flu strains change every year and hence the vaccines are adjusted accordingly.

Sometimes the flu infection/chest flu can turn into a bacterial infection resulting in a chest infection; this is when you would require antibiotic treatment.


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