Medical Consultations Online, who are we?

17 Nov 2022

Living in a post covid world, GP appointments have significantly reduced and there are long waits to consult with a doctor. Sonya Bhindi, the founder of MCO, wanted to create a consultation service where patients are able to have easy access to the best healthcare. Medical Consultations Online (MCO) is a UK based company where you are able to access general practice healthcare at a reasonable price. MCO provides a dedicated personal service, which is discreet and confidential.

How does Medical Consultations Online Work?

The patient completes the online consultation form. If you are not sure of diagnosis, you can complete the consultation of the condition you think it may be or you can fill out the general medical consultation form and MCO will diagnose and prescribe for you if necessary. You can choose either a video or telephone consultation at a time which is suited to you. The clinician will undertake the consultation, talk you through diagnosis and if required, prescribe for you.

For some conditions, we provide e-consultations, which means that you do not have to undertake a consultation with a clinician, but you answer the questions of the e-form and MCO can then provide a private prescription for you. E-consultations are available for Erectile dysfunction, Chlamydia, Urinary tract infections, Hair loss, Period delay and Contraception. For these conditions, it is also possible to have video or telephone consultations as well.

Who can access Medical Consultations Online?

Anyone who is 18 years and over.

Is it free service?

Medical Consultations Online is not a free service. We are a private service, but with a minimal charge.

Is MCO an NHS service?

We work as an addition to NHS services providing a quick efficient service for patients who are unable to see their doctor.