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Asthma is a long term illness that affects the airways and makes breathing difficult. Although the specific cause of is unknown, triggers can vary from person to person. The disorder causes inflammation of the tubes in your lungs. When exposed to a trigger, the tubes become extremely sensitive, and the airways shrink and mucus production increases. Asthma can be inherited. If you were born preterm, had a low birth weight, or your mother smoked during pregnancy, you may be at a higher risk of getting the illness. Adults can develop the condition as well, especially if they are exposed to potential triggers at work.

While most people with asthma can control their symptoms, they can occasionally worsen. This is frequently referred to as an “asthma attack.” The frequency with which you have symptoms depends on the severity of your asthma; some people with asthma have them once in a while, while others have them on a daily basis.


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