Chest Infection

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Chest infection Symptoms and Treatment: Chest infections are a frequent ailment that commonly develops after a cold or the flu, especially during the winter months. Most chest infection symptoms only last a few days and clear up on their own, but more acute instances can lead to more significant health concerns.

Coughing typically lasts seven to ten days, although it can last up to three weeks. Symptoms can include pain in chest, coughing etc. When viruses or bacteria attack the airways or lungs, chest infections occur. Pneumonia and bronchitis are two of the most prevalent forms of respiratory infections. They can be caused by viruses or bacteria, and they are often transferred by breathing virus or bacterium particles that have been coughed or sneezed out by someone else. Chest infection pneumonia requires antibiotic treatment as this is due to a bacterial cause, where as bronchitis is generally caused by viruses so does not require antibiotic treatment.

Having a cold with chest pain may also be a sign for chest infection.



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